Mobile Marketing Moving Into Vehicles

Mobile Marketing Moving Into Vehicles

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the 57 million users using their mobile phone to connect to the internet and asked what people were doing about making sure their website was usable in a mobile version to help increase their conversion rates. My question now is, will your mobile marketing plan also include consideration for integration within a vehicle? Some marketers know that one component to add into a mobile marketing plan is the creation of a… Continue Reading

Blog World Expo Documentary – Part 1: The New Dial Tone

Normally I wouldn't embed someone else's work as I like to post my own videos and portfolio, but I thought this episode from a documentary created about the Blog World Expo 2009 is really well done. Plus it contains a lot of really good information and sound bites on social media, social networking, and blogging. So hat's off to Marc Ostrick and Michael Sean Wright. I think you guys did a really great job with this video! "Marc Ostrick and… Continue Reading


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