2011 Ford Mustang V6 | Running Footage

I was the producer and director for this video used for Ford Broadcast Operations. The video was shot by Al Hart and edited by Fred Gendron. If you think you cant have pulse-quickening power and acceleration as well as good fuel economy, you've got another thing coming. The 2011 Ford Mustang puts 305 high-performance horses in the hands of V-6 coupe buyers with a new all-aluminum dual-overhead cam (DOHC) engine that delivers a projected 30 mpg on the highway with… Continue Reading

The Little Apple That Could – An Apple, Inc. Brand Story

This is a video that I created as part of my Internet Marketing masters program. For the class Business Storytelling and Brand Development, the assignment was to take a common fable, apply a brand's story to it, and create some form of media presentation for the story. For this project my group chose Apple, Inc. and the story "The Little Engine That Could". The edit was done using Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro. The 2D graphics were… Continue Reading

2010 Ford Taurus Production Celebration

A video I shot and edited covering the 2010 Taurus Production Celebration in Chicago, IL.Video of the plant and interview was shot on a Sony HDR-SR12 and was edited using Final Cut Pro. Opening graphic was created using After Effects. Beginning vehicle running footage was from the Ford Media Site and the end commercial was from the ad agency.*Note: the SR12 is a great little camera but not having an always available focus ring can be a pain (as seen… Continue Reading